From our friends and fans

American Indian Flute in Evil Ways is awesome. Thank you for the decades of music & friendship

Best cover band I've heard on bandzoogle  to date. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful holiday!

I think you guys sounded awesome. Can't wait until you play in Bloomington again cause I'll be there.

St Charles, Missouri Bicentennial Celebration:  
Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance on Friday evening. .
You guys have received great reviews from those present.  I received numerous comments to get you back in the future.
Even though I didn't do the duck dance we did have fun with the electric slide.
Thanks you for warming up the evening with your music

The Pearl Handle Band came to the St. Louis Senior Center to perform at a country western hoedown. They were amazing. All of the songs were popular songs that targeted all different generations. Thank you so much for making the night even better!!!   8/2009

Starcraft International Rally:  The Pearl Handle Band from Illinois entertained on
Wednesday evening. They were very good, held the crowd, and members were
pushing aside the chairs and tables so they could dance. This same group may
entertain at next year's rally.

HOLLY LYNN:   Thanks again for a great Christmas Show at BCO! It was great playing with you guys again--you all rock!! 

I live in Bakersfield, Ca. It is known as "Nashville West!" Home to Buck Owens, "Crystal Palace". Buck Owens and Merle Haggard put us on the map, besides our oil fields. Maybe someday I will see you guys here in Bakersfield. I love your music!!!

You guys are awesome !!!

Your whole band sounds great  :)  :)

Love your sound!! 

Hey guys! Love your sound!!!!

MY GOD!!!! I never thought i would say this....but love this somewhat country...(to me)...WOW
AWESOME band guys......U NEED to come play down here!!!!! 

You guys did a wonderful job this past weekend at the birthday party held at the Eagles! Thanks for being a part of it all. We know you had a very long day but played like you were fresh of the truck.

Just a quick note to let you guys know that you all are real good at what you do. I hope I get the opportunity again to listen to you all perform. You all take care and keep it up.

You guys sound really good!!!!!!! 

Hey Fellas, You got yourselves a Kick Ass Country Band here! Keep it up! 

We experienced the awesome talents of a unique ensemble of musical gentlemen.Throughtly enjoyed the experience,looking forward to seeing additional performances. Truly good stuff! 

I had the chance to go and listen to your band at the VFW in Paris, IL and I have to admit that you guys were awesome. I'm not one who likes to listen to live bands but I thought you guys were real good.... I have to say my favorite song was done by Stacy when he played his flute, I hope to hear more songs like that one. You all should be proud to be one of the best bands in this area. Take care and keep up the good work.

I had the opportunity to go and listen to your band at the MidWay and I have to say I was impressed. You all have alot of talent and I think you all are awesome. Keep up the great job and I hope I have the chance to hear you all again. 

Such a grand hidden secret that is roaming our area!!! If you have not taken the time to come and join this talented group of musicians, then it is truly your loss. We have followed and danced to many talented bands over the last 30 years, and we can truly say, this is one of the most well versed groups we have been introduced to. We have followed PHB for the last 2 years and have never been let down on their artistic capabilities.
And no, I am no relative nor is this a paid commentary. I fully believe you are missing the boat if you do not come and listen, at least once, to the talent of the men we have right here. 

The Pearl Handle Band returns to the Boot City Opry for the 2009 season. Previous shows have proven that the Pearl Handle Band will present a show of yesterday and have the audience singing and dancing right along with them.
Each member of the seasoned band is multi-talented and has the ability to play multiple instruments along with each performing solos of their own. In addition, the Pearl Handle Band has experience in backing up headliner stars which is a great addition to the Boot City Opry. The Pearl Handle Band performs at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Just a quick note to let you know you guys were absolutely wonderful for our Rally.  You guys are the best band we have had in 10 years.  Very professional and very entertaining.  We will definately have you back.
**Starcraft RV Rally**